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F5 Corrections News:
Corrigenda FAI Sporting Code, Section 4, Volume F5 2005

The correction of the FAI Sporting Code Volume F5 from 28th February 2005 is published here on because it will take some time until the revision of Volume F5 is published officially on the FAI website. The "F5 Corrigenda 2005" describes the difference between actual 28th February publication and the revision. This preliminary publication is authorized by Emil Giezendanner, Chairman F5 Sub-Committee.

FAQ - F5 Corrections 2005

  • What is the right Sporting Code, Section 4, Volume F5?
    Unfortunately there is no valid F5 Volume available now. Only the origin documents downloadable on the FAI website are effective but this actual publication has some errors, see News 23rd March 2005.
  • What can be done now?
    If your invitation of the competition has not been send, just attach this correction as Local Rule, Sporting Code, Volume ABR, Para B.5.3. Note: This PDF has no document security so that you can simply add this page to your invitation.
  • What happens if a competition begins, the revision of the 28th February Volume F5 is still not available and there is no local rule attachment in the invitation?
    If you organise a competition just define the F5 Corrigenda 2005 in the pilot's briefing as Local Rule. Download the Corrigenda and print/copy this document several times that everybody can get a copy. After the competition the Contest Director just attaches this Corrigenda document to the competition report under the local rules commentary and everything is done.
  • Why do you have to do this?
    Only the Sporting Code published on the FAI Website is legal. This preliminary publication of the Corrigenda has no effect on the errors in the Sporting Code so it is necessary to define this correction as Local Rule. In the Local Rules paragraph you can define anything so this correction document can be used directly.
  • And now?
    Fly Low, Go Fast, Turn Left!

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