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News: Editorial Errors in FAI Sporting Code, Section 4, Volume F5, Edition 2005!

The edition of the FAI Sporting Code Volume F5 from 28th February 2005 is unfortunately incorrect and does not contain substantial CIAM resolutions from 2004. Beyond this the resolutions of CIAM Plenary Meeting 2005 (18.-19 March 2005) has to be added now, so anyway a revision is necessary.

Necessary Corrections
When the "Sporting Code", Section 4, Volume F5 was published on 28th February 2005, we were a bit astonished. Many very substantial changes were not included:

  • 65g/dm² surface loading
  • Battery definition needs clarification
  • Wind direction in F5D Course Layout drawing
  • Penalty 200 points

On 2nd March 2005 we contacted Emil Giezendanner (CIAM Chairman F5 Subcommittee), in order to clarify this before the CIAM Plenary Meeting 2005. It was soon clarified: Emil confirmed that it concerns to editorial errors, which have to be corrected as soon as possible. Beyond these basic errors there are still some other points, which will be added in this revision too.

Due to these editorial errors all these points in the Volume F5 are not effective. The resolutions of the CIAM Plenary Meeting 2004 as well as 2005 have to be considered when flying F5D. These resolutions can be read in the Minutes of Plenary Meeting 2004 and hopefully soon in the 2005 Minutes. Since the old Sporting Code ceased on 31.12.2004, we actually have no effective Sporting Code in F5D (5.5.6).

And now?
It is very simple in those countries which use translations of the Sporting Code by their NAC (National Airsport Control). For national competitions they just need to update their translation to actual state because of the Sporting Code ineffective in 5.5.6. Those NAC using the origin Sporting Code or NAC having international competitions can handle this problem using the Local Rules paragraph.

The Local Rules Paragraph
If there is no valid issue of the rules (this must be online on the website you can simply eliminate all errors when you define this as Local Rule; see Sporting Code Volume ABR para B.5.3. The Local Rules paragraph allows you to override rules in the Sporting Code. And the easiest way to do this is to define the complete revision of Volume F5 as Local Rule.

Preliminary Volume F5 on
It will surely take some time until to the revised „Sporting Code“ is online on the FAI website. So we will publish here in consultation with Emil Giezendanner on 4th April 2005 the revised Volume F5, as it will later be published in the revised Sporting Code. Using the Local Rules paragraph in the described manner we can accomplish appropriate F5D competitions in the meantime. So anyone might use this preliminary document in this special way as Local Rule until the revision of the FAI Sporting Code is published on the FAI website.

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